Crumb Bar is a culmination of years of learning, working hard and finally figuring out what is most important to me; community.

I am the owner, pastry chef and operator of Crumb Bar, Kaylee Klein. I've traveled down a long road of bullshit like mostly everyone else in the world and I've finally found my home here in the White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire. 

I believe in good food, quality ingredients, hard work and living deliciously. 

Baking is a labor of love, its not easy and you're never going to be done learning. This sometimes makes for frustrating days, but it makes the good ones that much better. 


Crumb Bar is stocked to the brim with whimsical treats reminiscent of childhood that are guaranteed to always make me happy. Everything is made from scratch and baked fresh daily and nothing is low fat. Sorry not sorry. 

I hope when you visit Crumb Bar you feel all the love that is constantly poured into this business, and hopefully you'll leave a happier and younger person than when you came in!