Flavors, Sizes and Serving Suggestions

Cake Flavors

Vanilla Vanilla

Vanilla Cake | Vanilla German Buttercream


Vanilla Sprinkle Cake | Vanilla German Buttercream

Berries and Cream

Marbled Berry Vanilla Cake | Mixed Berry Compote | Vanilla German Buttercream

Lemon Cream

Lemon Cake | Silky Lemon Cream | Vanilla German Buttercream

Salted Caramel Corn

Brown Sugar Cake | Salted Caramel German Buttercream | Caramel Corn

Double Chocolate Fudge

Rich Chocolate Cake | Chocolate German Buttercream | Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate Espresso Fudge

Rich Chocolate Cake | Espresso German Buttercream | Chocolate Fudge

Raspberry Key Lime Pie

Vanilla Cake | Raspberry German Buttercream | Key Lime Curd | Graham Cracker Crust Crumbs


Carrot Cake | Cream Cheese American Buttercream

Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

Rich Chocolate Cake | Peanut Butter German Buttercream | Chocolate Fudge

Chocolate Raspberry Fudge

Rich Chocolate Cake | Raspberry German Buttercream | Chocolate Fudge

Coconut Passion Fruit

Coconut Cake | Passion Fruit German Buttercream


Rich Chocolate Cake | Cinnamon Graham Cracker German Buttercream | Toasted House Fluff

Vanilla Caramel 

Vanilla Cake | Caramel German Buttercream

Red Velvet

Light Chocolate Cake | Cream Cheese American Buttercream | Chocolate Fudge 

Servings, Portions + Base Prices 

4.5'' | 6-8 Servings | $40.00

6'' | 12-16 Servings | $50.00

8'' | 25-30 Servings | $60.00

10'' | 40-45 Servings | $100.00

Cupcakes | 12 | $30.00

Cookie Pops | 12 | $35.00

Serving Suggestions

-Store your cake in a fridge until the event. 

 ​-If you have any questionable stinky leftovers in said fridge wrap the cake lightly 2x to keep the smell from penetrating your delectable confection.

-Take your cake out of the fridge two hours prior to serving. This will allow the cake and buttercream to come to room temperature and be the absolute best tasting it can be!

-Cut cakes larger than 6'' by a grid system to get correct portions.

Eat that cake like you mean it!